Terms and Conditions

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This is the User Agreement: www.Taskoob.com

Taskoob Inc. provides an online platform through our website at https://www.Taskoob.com/ which connects the Users to each other and permits them to get their work completed, which includes business-related and personal services, as well as to outsource tasks to other users.

Prior to using the services offered by Taskoob platform (including the website and Apps), we strongly recommend You to review the below “Terms” as well as our Privacy Policy. If You use either the Taskoob online platform or our services, it automatically confirms your consent and acceptance to be bound by the Terms of this Agreement.


1.1 Taskoob does not provide or perform any Services. Taskoob is  not responsible for the performance of any Services, nor do we have control over the quality, scheduling, delivery or failure to provide, or any aspect whatsoever relating to the identification, request, or provision of any Services related, directly or indirectly, to our Service

1.2 The Task Posters are permitted to be able to publish their tasks on the Taskoob platform.

1.3 The Taskoob platform may automatically assign your task to the closest available service provider based on your location and job specifications.

1.4 The Taskoob platform may also allow you to select service provider from a given list of service providers.

1.5 The Taskoob platform also enables each Taskoob Service providers to make their offer for each posted task, parts of which may be accessible by the public internet users, who need not necessarily be Taskoob platform Users.

1.6 It is to the sole discretion of the Task Poster to modify or even cancel a posted task. However, this needs to be prior to the acceptance of an offer from a Taskoob Service provider. After a modification is made, Taskoob reserves the right to remove all offers received prior to the modification.

1.7 A Task Contract is generated between the Task Poster and the Taskoob service provider once the job is accepted by the service provider.

1.8 The creation of the Task Contract requires the Task Poster to make the agreed payment to the Escrow account.

1.9 The creation of Task Contract means that Taskoob platform has provided its Services and therefore the Fees are due to be paid.

1.10 After the creation of a Task Contract, it could be modified between the Taskoob Service provider and Task Poster while remaining on the Taskoob platform.

1.11 It is the duty of the Taskoob Service provider to render the services as mentioned in the Task Contract.

1.12 Upon completion of the Task, it requires the Taskoob Service provider to mark the task as ‘Complete’ on the Taskoob Platform.

1.13 Once the Service provider marks the task as complete, it also requires the Task Poster to mark the task as ‘Signed' on the Taskoob Platform.

1.14 After the Task Poster authorizes the completion of the task, then the payment will be released from the Escrow account to the Service provider.

1.15 After 24 hour duration of task completion, if the Task Poster has not marked the task as ‘signed’, then Taskoob reserves the right of closing the task and releasing the payment to the Taskoob Service provider.

1.16 Once the Task Contract ends after completion of the task, it is strongly encouraged for both parties to leave their review and feedback about the services provided by the Taskoob platform.


2.1 Taskoob only acts as a Platform which allows the Users to publish their tasks and also enables them to accept posted tasks.

2.2 The Users of Taskoob platform needs to be above 18 years of age.

2.3 The Users of Taskoob platform has to be people only, however, it permits the Users to represent a business firm.

2.4 Taskoob reserves the rights to deny a person from becoming a Taskoob User as well as to remove or suspend a current User account.

2.5 There are no charges to register or create an account on the Taskoob platform. It is absolutely free for the Task Poster to publish their tasks, and for other Users to review the posted tasks and other contents displayed in the platform.

2.6 The interaction between the Task Poster and the service provider is independent of any liability from the Taskoob platform, which covers the description, performance, or delivery of Services but it could be more than that.

2.7 Taskoob is free from holding any responsibility for the information shared by the Users on their platform. For example, Taskoob disclaims any warranty to the truth or accuracy of the User’s information and their claims to complete the tasks or deliver services. Equally, it also denies any responsibility to the honesty of information provided by the job poster and in their ability to make the payments for their posted tasks.

2.8 Except for liability in relation to any Non-Excludable Condition, the Taskoob Service is provided on an "as is" basis and without any warranty or condition, express or implied. To the extent permitted by law, we and our suppliers specifically disclaim any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement to extent allowed by law.

2.9 Taskoob may help or involve in the mediation of any dispute between their Users in the interest of improving the User experience, however it has no obligations to do so.


3.1 You will at all times:

(a) Abide by all the policies in this Agreement and all the applicable laws and regulations
(b) Provide only honest and correct information on the Taskoob Platform;
(c) Fulfill the obligations of the Task Contract to other User in a highly efficient and prompt manner
(d) Beware of the laws that needs to be complied to while You are using the Taskoob platform, and also as a Job Poster or as a Service provider.
3.2 You approve that any content on the Taskoob platform, whether pertaining to information provided by the Taskoob platform, its Users or a third party may not be used for other purposes such as third party sites or other business purposes except when permitted by Taskoob.

3.3 You must not use Taskoob for any illegitimate or immoral purposes.

3.4 You should be in control of Your Taskoob account’s activities and neither Your account nor any of its contents should be used by another person, transferred or sold to another person.

3.5 You endow Taskoob the rights to use, duplicate, or amend any contents of the Taskoob platform and this granted access is free from any restrictions, royalty charges, and could be used globally. As approved by this Agreement, Taskoob could use it for purposes such as publishing on the platform, for the provision or promotion of Taskoob services.

3.6 You consent that the information published on the Taskoob platform does not cause any possible or actual harm to the others in any way whatsoever. This comprises any harm due to monetary loss on Taskoob although it is not limited to only that.

3.7 The contents or any information provided to Taskoob platform or to the posted tasks must be kept current and without failing to abide by the terms in this Agreement and should not:

o   *(a) be untrue, incorrect, or misrepresenting;

o   *(b) be falsified and neither include the trade of any forged items nor items of theft;

o   *(c) be any encroachment into the rights and policies of a third party including the copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights or intellectual property rights, rights of publicity, confidentiality or privacy of the third party;

o   *(d) disobey the law and order and other appropriate regulations related to import and export, consumer protection, unfair competition, criminal law, antidiscrimination, and trade practices/fair trading, although it is not limited to areas mentioned here;


o   *(e) offend or cause defame or harassment to anyone;


o   *(f) contain any material that is rated indecent, including but not limited to images which are considered indecent, unsuitable, or illegal that is at the exclusive discretion of Taskoob;


o   *(g) contain any materials such as data, code, or any other information that causes disruption, either knowingly or unknowingly, to the functionality of the Taskoob platform. This involves but not only confined to viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, Easter eggs or other computer programs that may result in modification, deletion, or destruction, or may adversely affect or deceitfully interfere with unauthorized access or extraction of data, system, or personal details.

3.8 Occasionally, the Taskoob Platform may function by making use of the location-based or map-based information. The information regarding the location of the job posters and Taskoob Service providers may be shown to whoever is browsing the Taskoob platform. It is the responsibility of the job poster to provide the address including the street and suburb at which the services need to be supplied. However, personal details of the job poster including his full name, street number, phone number, or email address should not be displayed in any posted tasks or in any publicly accessed area on the Taskoob platform.

3.9 Being a Taskoob Service provider, You need to have the right to work in Canada and to provide the Services under a Task Contract. You also need to abide by the tax and regulatory laws with regard to the any payments received under a Service provider Contract, which includes the Service provider payment as well.

3.10 Unless otherwise the law, this Agreement, an agreement between the User and a third party provider or any of our other policies prohibits the provision of services, the task Contract needs to be abided by while providing the services to the Job Posters.

3.11 During the provision of Services, You should not demand an additional fee apart from the Service provider payment.

-        You should not request additional payments from the Job Poster external to the Taskoob Platform unless allowed by the nest clause and also when the repayment of costs included in the nest clause that is not enabled through the Escrow Account.

3.12 During circumstances when the Taskoob Service provider accepts to take charge of the payment required for completion of some Services (such as provision of equipment required for Service completion), then it remains the sole responsibility of the Taskoob Service provider for recovering any repayment from the job Poster. Taskoob recommends Taskoob Service provider to not incur costs prior to the Task Payment unless when the Taskoob Service provider remains assured that the Job Poster will make the appropriate reimbursements.

3.13 It is at the absolute discretion of Taskoob to remove any materials or contents related to a posted Task or a submitted Offer on the Taskoob platform or the cancellation or suspension of Your Taskoob account and/or any Task Contracts if Taskoob finds any breach to the obligations in this clause.

4.     FEES

4.1 Once the Task Contract is created, the Users are indebted to pay the Taskoob fees that will automatically be taken from the User’s Escrow account which holds the task payment.

4.2 Any cost that may occur to the Taskoob Service provider in order to provide the complete Services will not be calculated in the inclusion of any fees.

4.3 Fees incurred as a result of Third Party Service providers will not be included, which will be paid in conformance to a separate arrangement between Third Party Service provider and User.

4.4 Occasionally, Taskoob may modify the Fees as well as the payment terms. These modifications will come into effect after 14 days, since the day You are notified of the change through a message delivered into Your Taskoob platform or notified when You are logged in next.

4.5 It is at the sole discretion of Taskoob to make the modifications to the Fees and the payment terms temporarily, about which You will be notified through the account.

4.6 The payments made to Taskoob cannot be refunded or cancelled, in accordance with Your rights falling under any Non-Excludable conditions.

4.7 Any new services introduced to the Taskoob platform will be applied and payable from the establishment of that service.


5.1 If:

(a) there is a mutual agreement for cancellation between the Job Poster and the Taskoob Service provider or
(b) Task Contract is cancelled following genuine attempts by a Job Poster to communicate with the Taskoob Service provider for accomplishing the Task Contract;

(c) If Taskoob is satisfied, it is at their discretion to return the Task payment to the Job Poster,
the Taskoob will release the Service provider Payment secured in the Escrow Account to the Job Poster. Any additional paytment corresponding to the Fees obtained with regard to the Task Contract may be paid by the Taskoob platform on behalf of the Taskoob Service provider towards the Job Poster.

5.2 In accordance with the above clause, if the Taskoob pays on behalf of the Taskoob Service provider, then the Taskoob Service provider will be indebted to return the payment to Taskoob.

5.3 Under any circumstances, if the Service provider Payment cannot be released to the Taskoob Service provider or refunded to the Job Poster (depending on the case) or if there is an absence of any claim on the Service provider Payment, then it is bound to be held in the Escrow Account until being paid or otherwise, for a duration up to three months since the date the Task Payment was first paid to the Escrow Account by the Job Poster.

5.4 In accordance with the 3 months mentioned in the above clause, after which there is still no dispute with regard to the Service provider payment, then it will be converted to be credits for the Job Poster.


6.1 The Escrow account for Taskoob could be provided by an Escrow provider.

6.2 In areas related to providing an Escrow Account, the terms at https://stripe.com are combined into this Agreement and will be effective over this Agreement to the degree of any discrepancy in areas related to providing an Escrow Account.


7.1 Identity Verification Services may be used by Taskoob

7.2 You approve that the Taskoob Identity Verification Services may not be fully accurate, as they depend on the information provided by the User and third party information/verification services, to which You indicate Your consent.

7.3 It remains Your sole responsibility and Taskoob denies liability towards any use that has arisen from the Identity Verification Services of Taskoob.

7.4 Modifications towards the Taskoob Identity Verification Services may be made at any time.

7.5 An User-driven system for providing feedback to review Users may be included on the Taskoob Platform.

7.6 Taskoob Service providers may be provided with Verification Icons by the Taskoob platform upon request and it is organized on behalf of the Taskoob Service providers for a charge. The provision of the Verification Icon may demand the submission of certain information or documentation from the Taskoob Service provider, complying with the terms of Taskoob or a third party verifier. The information or the documentation provided by the Taskoob Service provider needs to be true and accurate, and it remains the sole responsibility of the Taskoob Service provider to confirm that. Also, if any Verification Icon is invalid, it needs to be informed to the Taskoob platform immediately.

7.7 It is at the discretion of Taskoob to provide any Badges for a payment.

7.8 It is at the discretion of Taskoob to supply a Verification Icon or a Taskoob Badge to a Taskoob Service provider. Additionally, the Taskoob Service provider is permitted to exhibit and use the Verification Icon or Taskoob Badge, or any verifications acquired due to the above only on the Taskoob Platform.

7.9 If You breach any of the terms mentioned in this Agreement, then it is at the discretion of Taskoob to not issue, or even cancel without prior notice, a Verification Icon or Taskoob Badge. The cancellation also applies if the Verification Icon or the Taskoob Badge has been obtained in an unauthorized and inappropriate manner, or is invalid, or for any other reason that demands its removal.


8.1 Third-party insurances may be available for Users to insure specific Task Contracts, for which the Terms and Conditions can be obtained from the Taskoob website. All the insurance policies are provided by third party services, whose terms will need to be complied by.

8.2 Taskoob denies responsibility for the adequacy or appropriateness of the insurance policies, which needs to be deemed adequate by each User and urges the Users to checks if any additional insurance such as the service providers compensation insurance would be required.

8.3 Sometimes, Taskoob may also provide insurance on accidental property and injury to Taskoob Service providers for certain Tasks. You admit and give Your consent to the application of the below clause if any claim is produced related to the goods and/or services provided by the Taskoob Service provider, and if the insurance provided by Taskoob responds to the claims (if any). In case of such a claim, Taskoob reserves the right to make a claim under such a policy and to obtain any excess or deductible payment related to the claim from the Taskoob Service provider. During such claims where the insurer evaluates that the Taskoob is accountable for the claim, then Taskoob is liable to accept that evaluation. Further, if You decide not to pay any outstanding excess as per this clause, then Taskoob may choose to deduct part or full of the excess payment from any upcoming money it may owe towards the Taskoob Service provider.

8.4 Taskoob Service provider admits and gives his/her consent to the application of the below clause that if any claim is produced related to the goods and/or services provided by the Taskoob Service provider, and if the insurance provided by Taskoob (if any) is unresponsive towards the claim or if the claim is less than the excess amount payable to the insurer. Taskoob may choose to close the claim by paying an amount to the insurer. If the Taskoob Service provider was/would be found responsible towards payment of the claim, then Taskoob reserves the right to obtain the amount from the Taskoob Service provider, Taskoob may choose to deduct part or full of the excess payment from any upcoming money it may owe towards the Taskoob Service provider.


       9.1 The ‘Report’ or the ‘Contact Taskoob’ functions are present on the Taskoob platform to register Your complaints against any comments made on the platform

       9.2 If Taskoob considers any feedback about You or Your feedback to other Users to be derogatory, then Taskoob reserves the right to suspend or terminate Your account at any time.


       10.1 Unless during breach of Non-Excludable conditions, Taskoob disclaims any responsibility for losses or damages that may incur, provided they are within the limits of the law. The losses may be, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, of diverse types such as actual, special, direct, indirect and consequential losses. It could also include consequences due to provision of incorrect information, or even not having the required fitness to complete the services, although it is not limited to the instances mentioned here. It could also originate with respect to the transactions between Task Posters and Service providers.

       10.2 Unless during breach of Non-Excludable conditions, Taskoob disclaims any responsibility for losses or damages that may incur, provided they are within the limits of the law. The losses may be, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, of diverse types such as actual, special, direct, indirect and consequential losses. It could also include consequences due to provision of incorrect information, or even not having the required fitness to complete the services, although it is not limited to the instances mentioned here. It could also originate with respect to the transactions between You and Third Party Service Providers who may be occasionally involved on the Taskoob Platform.

       10.3 With the exception to breach of Non-Excludable conditions, the liability of Taskoob to any User is restricted to the full amount paid by that User to Taskoob during the duration of twelve months before the incident incurring the liability or $50, whichever is more.

       10.4 The liability of Taskoob to You for the breach of any Non-Excludable condition which cannot be limited by law is restricted to the resupply, replacement or repair, or payment towards these for the goods whose breach occurred, or providing the services or cost of the services again during which the breach occurred.


       11.1 The compliance to the Taskoob's Privacy Policy, available at www.Taskoob.com/privacy , has to be provided from all Users and it also forms part of this Agreement. The use of the Taskoob Platform automatically confirms Your Agreement and authorisation for collection, use, and disclosure of Your personal information, subject to the Taskoob's Privacy Policy.

       11.2 The supply of services from Third Party Service providers will be in accordance to the Third Party’s Privacy Policy. It requires the User to read and consent to their service terms, which includes their Privacy policy before confirming acceptance of any services from them.


       12.1 Taskoob may occasionally amend this Agreement or the Policies (with updates notified through the relevant Taskoob pages on which the amendments are shown). Taskoob provides notifications to these modifications either to Your Taskoob account or by notifying at your next login.

       12.2 During instances where an evident acceptance  to the terms is displayed by You, such as by clicking the button showing ‘I accept’, or while using the Taskoob platform in any manner which includes the actions with respect to a Task Contract, the modifications will come into effect immediately. Otherwise, it takes 30 days since the amendments are notified to You to come into effect.

       12.3 In case of any disagreement to terms mentioned in this Agreement or towards any of our policies, You should inform Taskoob, after which Your Taskoob account will be terminated and Your usage of Taskoob services will be disrupted. Unless a written document is signed by You and Taskoob, the terms of this Agreement of policies cannot be amended which is clearly described and authorized by this Agreement.


       13.1 This Agreement does not entitle the creation of any agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or any other similar relationships. To be specific, You do not possess any right to hold Taskoob, its related entities or affiliates in any way whatsoever. Taskoob also confirms that all the services provided by the Third Party that may be endorsed on the Taskoob Platform are exclusively provided by the Third Party Service providers. Within the limits of the law, Taskoob denies any liability that may arise due to any loss or damage caused by You in any means, as a result of the performance rates of such Third Party Service.


       14.1 Unless otherwise stated, issuance of any notices should be provided through email  or registered ordinary post, either to the contact address of Taskoob as shown on the Taskoob Platform, or to the contact address of the Taskoob User as supplied during the registration. The notice shall be considered to be given if:

           ◦       (a)An email is sent, 24 hours after email is sent, except when the Task Poster receives notification that email address is no longer valid or the email is no longer deliverable, and

           ◦       (b) A pre-post is sent, three business days since the date of posting, or on the seventh business day since the date of posting when it is sent to or sent from the external to Canada.

           14.2 As mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of the Third Party Service Providers, notices pertaining to the performance of Third Party Services must be supplied to such Third Party Service Providers.


       15.1 It is strongly encouraged to resolve the disputes, which also includes refund or return claims directly between the Users. Taskoob reserves the right to share Your information to other parties involved in the dispute if found appropriate to do so, to which You are bound to acknowledge and approve as per this Agreement.

       15.2 In the case of a failure to resolve the dispute between Users directly, Taskoob may enable access to a Dispute service from a Third party, and in such cases each party may require the other party to submit to the Third party dispute service. The service provided by such a third party is bound to the terms and policies stated by the third party dispute service. It also endows the Users to be bound responsible for any costs that may incur while obtaining services from the third party dispute service, subject to the third party terms and conditions.

       15.3 Any disputes with the third party Service provider should be resolved in accordance with the service terms of the Third Party Service Provider.

       15.4 Taskoob reserves the right to hold any Task payment in the Escrow account, in case of a dispute until the dispute is resolved.

       15.5 In case of any complaints about the Taskoob services, You can contact us here [email protected]

       15.6 By this Agreement You acknowledge and consent to using the information about other Taskoob Users, provided by Taskoob in case of dispute resolution, for not any other purposes other than its intended purpose, which is for the resolution of the dispute. You will guarantee Taskoob against any other use of this information.


       16.1 Your account as well as this Agreement may be terminated by You or Taskoob at any time due to any reason.

       16.2 Agreement termination does not impact any Task Contract that is between Taskoob Users and it requires the Users to comply to the Task Contract terms such as provision of services or making the Task payment in accordance with the Task Contract.

       16.3 Terms and conditions of the Third Party Service providers should be complied to for third party services.

       16.4 Even after of this Agreement is terminated or expired, these terms such as Sections 4 (Fees), 10 (Limitation of Liability) and 15 (Mediation and Dispute Resolution) and any others, which by their nature, will continue to apply.

       16.5 Following termination of Your Taskoob account, You are not permitted to create any further accounts without the approval from Taskoob, and it is at the sole discretion of Taskoob to terminate any further Taskoob accounts You may operate.


       17.1 This Agreement is subject to the laws of Ontario, Canada; You and Taskoob come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ontarion, Canada.

       17.2 The terms in this Agreement are divisible, enabling the separation of any terms that are no longer valid or that cannot be put into action. The functionality of the remaining terms of this Agreement will continue to be valid.

       17.3 Taskoob reserves the right to assign this Agreement to a third party without Your consent, however, the User should still abide by the Agreement terms.

       17.4 The conformance between the Taskoob and its Users is stated in this Agreement in accordance with the subject matter.



Taskoob Glossary contains the meanings for the terms used in this Task Contract. A Task Contract is created between the Task Poster and the Service provider, subject to the Taskoob Agreement. The Task Contract is created on the following terms:


               ◦       1.1 Once the Task Poster accepts the offer made by the Service provider to provide services for a posted task, a Task Contract is created.

               ◦       1.2 The Task Contract will be subject to clause 7 until termination of the Contract

   •       2 SERVICES

               ◦       2.1 The Services offered by the Service provider will in accordance with a proper and professional manner.

               ◦       2.2 The Services offered by the Service provider must be provided at the time and location that is agreed to.

   •       3 WARRANTIES

               ◦       3.1 It warrants that the information provided by each party in the formation of the Task Contract is true and precise.

               ◦       3.2 The Service provider warrants that he/she possess the required licenses in Canada for the right to work and provide Services.

               ◦       3.3 It warrants that the Consumer Guarantees are included in the Task Contract by the parties, irrespective of whether it is included by law.


               ◦       4.1 It requires the Task Poster to make Task Payment into the Escrow Account upon formation of the Task Contract.

               ◦       4.2 It requires the service provider to notify the Taskoob Platform once the Services are completed.

               ◦       4.3 Once the services are completed by the Task Poster, he/she will need to confirm whether the completion, if it is completed in accordance with clause 2 then it requires the Task Poster to release the service provider payment from the Escrow account.

               ◦       4.4 If an arrangement is reached between the parties for cancellation of the task Contract, or if the service provider is no longer able to be contacted by the Task Poster, then the Task Payment will be handled according to the User Agreement.


               ◦       5.1 Unless for the liability for a breach of Non-Excludable conditions, the parties will exclude all the Consequential Loss that resulted from or in association to the Services, and any claims due to any reason by third person, or due to this Task Contract, or if the loss was intentional by the parties who created the breach, or if the loss was otherwise predictable.

               ◦       5.2 The liability of the parties to each other is limited to the amount of the Task Payment, unless for a breach of any Non-Excludable conditions.

   •       6 DISPUTES                                                                                                                              

               ◦       6.1 Informal negotiations will be tried out between the parties, which could be by email, phone, or other means, in order to settle a dispute within 14 days.

               ◦       6.2 The inability of the parties to settle the dispute amicably according to clause 6.1 will lead to either of the parties referring to the Third party dispute services, subject to the terms and conditions of the third party dispute services.

Termination of the task Contract will happen when:

               ◦       (a) Completion of Services and release of Task Payment from the Escrow Account occur;

               ◦       (b) Termination or suspension of a party from the Taskoob Platform, on selection from a third party;

               ◦       (c) If agreed by the parties or by any External Dispute Agencies; or

               ◦       (d) Taskoob issues notification, subject to the party's Taskoob Agreement.

The applicable Policies are included by the parties by reference.

   •       9 GOVERNING LAW
The laws of Ontario, Canada governs this task Contract and the parties fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of Ontario, Canada.